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The SAMR Model

by Becky Foellmer

The what??? I’m sure you are thinking, “Oh, no, another thing on my plate!” The cool thing about the SAMR Model is that it isn’t something on which you have to be trained in order for it to improve your teaching and therefore the student learning in your classroom. The SAMR Model allows you to carefully consider how you are utilizing technology in your classroom and to, possibly, adjust your lessons to move further up the continuum.
Many of you have just begun the climb – most, if not all of the experiences in your classroom that involve technology are at the Substitution level – the technology replaces what you could have done without computers.
Others of you are beginning to climb and have reached the level of Augmentation for one or more of your lessons. At this level, technology is an effective tool to perform a typical task. Often times, there is a functional benefit here such as saving paper, and there begins to be an improvement in student engagement.
Some have reached the next level on the continuum, the level of Modification, where you are truly beginning to transform the learning. Student tasks require technology and the classroom becomes student-centric as the questions begin to be generated by the students.
And, lastly, there are some who have reached the ultimate goal – the redefinition of the learning, where the learning would be inconceivable without the technology; the students are fully engaged, collaboration is crucial, and the questions and discussions are almost entirely student generated.
One of the things I hope to be able to help you with this year is climbing higher!


Prezi is a very up and coming Web 2.0 tool, being utilized in a variety of different ways. One of the main uses for Prezi is as a presentation tool. If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, then you will love Prezi. Prezi is like PowerPoint but with more multimedia. It is completely web based, so you can work on your project from anywhere you have an internet connection. You have the ability to collaborate in real time with many different people on the same Prezi. You can even create and modify a Prezi using an iPad.

Though it’s main function is as a presentation tool, it can be used in other ways to help with classroom instruction. You can use Prezi to create an interactive map; where when you click on a region your Prezi zooms into that area of the map to display more information about the region, maybe with images or video. It can also be used to facilitate student collaboration. It provides the flexibility and ease of use that students need to work in groups either in or outside of class.