Ide School Construction Inside and Out

Ide School Construction Inside and Out
Posted on 06/15/2018

Now that students are on summer break, crews are working on all aspects of the Ide School renovations and additions - inside and out!

On the interior of the school, steel beams will be installed this summer in preparation for the new roof structure that will be installed next summer.  This means portions of the ceilings in a number of classrooms and hallways will be temporarily removed to complete the work. The server room for our technology infrastructure is also being renovated and expanded this summer, which required the removal of the wall to our old social work office.  


Inadequate site drainage has been an issue along the east side of the school on and around the blacktop playground surface.  For several years this has severely limited the students's opportunities for outdoor play. Work is now underway on the south and east side of the property to solve the drainage issues.  We are very excited to see this being addressed in time for the 2018-19 school year!


On the north side of the property, the outline of the new parking lot is now visible. If the weather cooperates, curbs will be installed next week.  Gravel now covers the underground water retention basins in the new bus loop on the east side and you can now see an outline of what that will look like as well.  

More noticeable is the concrete floor that was poured this week for the new entrance.  With the floor installed, the exterior walls can be framed. That should be visible in next week’s blog.  Finally, framework for the new canopy is set and you can begin to have a visual of what it will look like as you enter the “new” school in the fall!