South Addition for Ide School Taking Shape

South Addition for Ide School Taking Shape
Posted on 11/01/2018

The month of October began with slow, unnoticeable work on the foundation of the new addition, but ended with the erection of a highly visible outline of the new south addition, also known as Phase 2.  The south addition will enable us to have larger classrooms, learning commons for each grade level, and a new IMC, maker space, and art room! The addition is being built in the space that was the former main office and the bus drop off lane.  

I know our students love to see the workers in action, so here’s a video of the steelworkers installing a beam on the roof.  It includes some impressive acrobatics at the end!



Also over the past month, the exterior finish for Phase 1 was installed, which added some color to the new entrance!  Workers took advantage of students not being in attendance over Columbus Day weekend to finish up some “punch list” items from Phase 1 work including the installation of the new lunchroom serving window (not in use until 2019-20) and trophy case.  The remaining Phase 1 punch list items will be completed during winter break.


Finally - here’s a peek at the progression of the new art room and maker space.


If all goes as planned with Phase 2, we will have the walls and roof in place before winter, which enables the interior work to continue through the snow!

Sincerely, Tim Arnold, Ph.D. Superintendent