Announcing new District 66 “Building Our Future” blog

Announcing new District 66 “Building Our Future” blog
Posted on 12/06/2017

Welcome to the new District 66 blog: Building Our Future!  This blog is designed to share with our community how we are working to ensure that each of our students are future ready learners.

Over the past six years District 66 has been on a journey to build a comprehensive EC-8th grade educational experience that prepares each of our students for the 21st Century.  During that time we have examined our instructional practices, resources, facilities, and even our own mindsets in order to ensure we are providing a future ready learning experience for our students.  We are now labeling this “Building Our Future!”  

In light of all we are doing in District 66 with respect to creating a future ready learning environment for our students, we understand the importance of communicating with our community about our progress.  We expect that this ongoing communication will help increase existing pride and confidence that our community has for our schools knowing that we are continuously seeking out how to best prepare each student for their future careers ~ especially careers that don’t even exist today!  

Now, more than ever, the achievement of our students requires a focus on digital-aged literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, and high productivity.   These topics, along with regular updates on the status of construction, renovation, repairs, and security enhancements will be featured over the coming months in the Building Our Future blog.  We look forward to engaging you in the conversation!

Tim Arnold, Ph.D.