In Center Cass School District 66, we believe that assessment is an integral part of student learning. In fact, the primary goal of assessments is to improve student learning. Our balanced assessment system includes multiple data sources that are used in conjunction to guide instructional decisions. Professional development for educators is provided so that all staff possess the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and analyze the data gathered from assessments. In order to fulfill the vision of Center Cass School District 66 and “inspire each student to achieve their greatest potential”, students are involved in their own academic growth by goal setting and monitoring their progress. Finally, Center Cass School District 66 works collaboratively with students, parents, community and staff to create an environment that supports learning. When assessments are used for the purposes identified above, the information provided is valuable and integral to designing educational opportunities that promote excellence in education and meet the needs of all learners.

Center Cass School District Assessment Calendar 2017-2018

Balanced Assessment and PARCC Parent Presentation 01-25-2016

PARCC Parent Night Presentation 2-19-2015


ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) Press Release — New ISAT Score Cut

School Board Presentation 9/10/2013
Illinois State Board of Education Revised ISAT Cut Scores

IIRCIllinois Interactive Report Card for Center Cass SD 66

New Illinois School Report Card FAQs

New Illinois School Report Card Fact Sheet

2018-2019 School Report Cards

Center Cass District 66 Report Card

Lakeview Junior High School Report Card

Prairieview Elementary School Report Card

Elizabeth Ide Elementary School Report Card

Survey of Learning Conditions

Lakeview Junior High School Staff

Lakeview Junior High School Students

Prairieview Elementary School Staff

Elizabeth Ide Elementary School Staff


Thank you for your continued support of Center Cass SD 66! Should you have any questions regarding these report cards or your child’s personal progress please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or building principal.