Center Cass School District 66 will address the needs of academically advanced and talented students by maximizing opportunities to challenge and enrich their learning. The services and overall experiences will enhance the core body of knowledge with depth, complexity and pacing, further extending the development of critical thinking and problem solving strategies. We recognize the social/emotional needs of the academically talented child, and in response to these needs, we see the importance to foster a student’s desire for academic excellence, the confidence to take risks, a sense of responsibility, and a healthy self concept. Students who show outstanding talents and capabilities and perform at levels much higher than their academic peers, require a challenging academic environment that provides opportunities to interact, debate, research, and problem solve with one another. In addition, the district will support research-based continuing education and staff development opportunities so that all district teaching and administrative personnel may, through their teaching and educational leadership ensure the transformation for all students to learn and achieve at levels commensurate with their exceptional abilities. Our program challenges students to translate potential into performance.