Tasks Completed to Date

If you are wondering what work has already been completed by the Board of Education, here is what has happened since April 4, 2017:

April 5 - 10

  • Schedule timeline for presenting bond sale details/options to BOE
  • Contact City of Darien to begin process for requesting access to Ide School from Fairview
  • Finalize AIA agreement with Wold
  • Meet with Wold team to prepare timeline for April 10 BOE meeting
  • Begin forming the Design Advisory Committee

April 10 BOE meeting 

  • Hire Architect of Record
  • Inform BOE of need to determine membership for the Design Advisory Committee, Programming Interviews with staff, and Implementation Committee

April 11 - May 6

  • Design Advisory Committee meetings
  • Programming Interviews with staff

May 8 BOE meeting

  • Progress report to BOE
  • Bond sale presentation by Bob Lewis, PMA
    • Bond sale strategy
    • Competitive sale vs. Negotiated sale
    • Need for an underwriter
  • BOE approved topographic survey for Ide School and Lakeview Campus

May 30 Special Session BOE meeting

  • Enrollment study approved 

June 12 BOE meeting

  • Wold architects presented updated floor plan design options from Design Advisory Committee
  • BOE approved Architect Fees for project scopes at Ide School and Lakeview Jr. High
  • BOE approved Security Assessment (new item from May 30 COW meeting)
  • BOE approved Wold architect fees for Ide and Lakeview referendum work
  • BOE approved Geotechnical Soil Borings for Ide

June 26 COW meeting

  • BOE approved additional topographical survey for water retention basin at Manning & Fairview