Portfolios at Prairieview Going Digital

ClassDojo, Artsonia, and Seesaw, oh my! So many ways teachers and students can showcase the learning happening in the classroom. Digital portfolios allow students to track and demonstrate their growth over long periods of time, and they can follow students throughout their entire school careers. Creating digital portfolios has many other benefits as well. Parents don’t need to wait for a special invitation to “enter” their students school and view work. They can access it anywhere and any time! Also, portfolios foster sharing and collaboration. Students, teachers, and parents can all comment on posts. Although teachers must approve posts before they can be viewed by others, this feature allows for a discussion of digital citizenship on topics such as online etiquette and safety.

ClassDojo is actually a tool several Prairieview teachers started using as a way to promote positive behaviors like participation, working hard, and active listening. A few teachers have now started to utilize a recent addition to ClassDojo, called Student Stories. This is a way students can record and share their learning and accomplishments digitally. Students in Heather Lopez’s room are seen here using a QR-code to access and add to their digital portfolio. In the last two pictures, you can see students in Samantha Gari’s room adding their Science projects.

lopez-class-stories-2 lopez-class-stories        gari-add-to-class-dogo-story gari-adding-to-story-in-class-dojo

Artsonia is a way students are archiving their learning in Art class. Miss Smeltzer has step-by-step directions displayed in her classroom so that students may post their work independently as they finish. Later, students add an “Artist Statement” to share about themselves, their artwork, and their perspectives as artists. Students writing about their inspiration for an art piece, listing the materials (media) used, and describing what they did to create their art help them (and others) gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their work.

artsonia1 artsonia-2

Seesaw is a digital portfolio option that several K-2 teachers in our district are using. You can learn more about Seesaw by reading an earlier post focused on instruction at Elizabeth Ide. No matter what the choice for capturing student learning, a digital portfolio is a powerful tool for students, teachers, and parents!