Lakeview, Prairieview, and Ide Updates

In this blog we provide updates on both the Lakeview, Prairieview, and Ide School projects.

Lakeview Jr. High School:  The Board of Education approved the schematic design for Lakeview on July 24. Our architects are currently creating the detailed construction documents that will be submitted to the Board of Education later this fall and then sent out for bid this winter.  Construction and renovations for Lakeview are scheduled to begin in late spring 2019.

The board considered multiple options for Lakeview over the past 18 months and two final options were presented in July 2018.  Both options included the same security enhancements, renovations of current deteriorating windows and masonry, installation of new windows in exterior classrooms to increase natural daylight, and renovations of the current STEM classroom.  All of those projects were consistent with the messaging to the community for the successful building bond referendum in April 2017. The only difference between the two options is whether or not the main entrance/office would be moved.

The Board of Education approved the relocation of the main entrance/office to the south parking lot, which greatly increases security through increased access and visibility to the main parking lot.  Click here to view the Lakeview Design approved by the board.

Prairieview School:  With the Lakeview design approved and the construction at Ide currently underway, the only work remaining from the April 2017 referendum is the enhanced secure entrance at Prairieview School.  This item has a relatively small budgeted cost of less than $50,000 and is planned to be completed before the 2019-20 school year. However, Prairieview was not forgotten during this past summer.  We completed some much needed concrete repairs to the Early Childhood and main entrances.


Elizabeth Ide School:  Construction/renovations/repairs at Ide School during the first month of school have been “interesting” to say the least.  One new challenge that arose during Phase 2 of the project was that the foundation of the new south addition required additional footings to be installed.  This required board action for additional helical piers to be installed. The good news is that the issues have been resolved and we are maintaining the timeline for completion before school begins in 2019-20.

This week’s pictures from Ide include images of the installation of the parking lot bollards and excavation for the new addition.  The students might also “dig” this video of the excavation!   


Looking ahead: We are scheduled to have the colored metal panels for the new entrance delivered and installed within the next two weeks ~ stay tuned for some cool pics!

Tim Arnold, Ph.D.