The Code Word Is…

Some of our 3rd grade teachers are finding ways to introduce computer coding into the classroom. Why would we want our students to learn the basics of programming? First, we recognize its significance in the digital age. Although our students use technology on a daily basis, it is important for them to understand the science and logic behind it. Coding allows kids to become actively engaged in the process of computing, not just passive users of technology. Also, knowing our reliance on technology will only increase over time, we want our students to be future-ready learners. Another reason coding in the elementary classroom is beneficial to our students is that the type of thinking involved influences the development of a child’s brain. Students gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect, and it sharpens their ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.Image result for quote by steve jobs about coding

Third graders in Mary Pellin’s and Heather Lopez’s classrooms were introduced to coding using activities found at This is a great resource for any teachers who would like to get their students started with the basics of computer programming. Students in Mary Pellin’s math class can be seen here completing a hands-on activity to learn about binary code.

It is wonderful to see our students expanding their knowledge of technology. They are quick to learn, and coding skills will help our kids thrive in a rapidly changing digital world.