Wiggle While You Work

The second grade team at Elizabeth Ide School is piloting flexible seating options this school year. They have introduced different types of seating and the rules/expectations for these types of seating options within their classrooms. Students now have choices in seating. They can choose from plastic wobble chairs, stability balls, picnic chairs, carpets, small rugs, crates with cushions, bean bag chairs, or a traditional desk chair throughout the day.  The second grade teachers hope these seating options will help to improve student focus, engagement, and allow students to choose and have an understanding of how they learn best. This choice also provides a sense of ownership to our students. 

Here is what the children say about the flexible seating options:

“They are fun!”

“I like wobbling around.”

“I have trouble sitting in the hard chair all day. I like the soft chairs we use on the rug. I can lean back in it.”

“They are really comfortable!”

“You might feel a little stressed out because you have so much to finish, and they help you relax.”

“They help me focus. I need to move around a little.”

“The chairs keep your energy out, so you don’t goof around.”

Students can rock back and forth or side to side on plastic wobble chairs.


Students can gently bounce on stability balls.


Students also have other alternate seating options.