Welcome to Center Cass School District 66

Vision: District 66 will lead by inspiring the individual and community to be:

  • Life-long, self-directed learners
  • Critical thinkers and problem-solvers
  • Effective communicators and skilled collaborators
  • Technologically capable creators
  • Dynamic leaders
  • Ethically, compassionately, and culturally responsible citizens

Mission: Challenge, inspire, and empower each learner to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally – today, tomorrow, and always.



The TEAM 66 Education Foundation (TEAM 66) awarded its first ever teaching grants at this month’s District 66 Board of Education Meeting. The grants were selected from applications received from all 3 Center Cass schools and will impact instruction using innovative tools and techniques.

The first grant funded was the “Listening to Learn” program which will provide earbuds for all 7th Graders at Lakeview Junior High who will be using Chromebooks in the classroom this year. In making this award, Kate Scheck President of TEAM 66 said: “we are excited to partner with the PTO and District 66 to maximize the effectiveness of our technological initiatives as we take the next step towards the District goal of 1:1 technology.”

The second grant funded was the “Keeping Students Engaged” program which will use iPads and targeted software to make the learning more interactive, engaging and fun in one 5th Grade classroom at Prairieview Elementary.

These 2 grants are the initial outcomes of the TEAM 66 Education Foundation which was founded last Fall with the vision to enhance community support and to expand resources that enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize opportunities for all students of Center Cass School District 66. More information about TEAM 66 can be found at www.TEAM66ef.org.

Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Challenge. Empower. Inspire.
Strategic Plan 2014-2019

2014 – 2015 Student Registration Now Open!

Student registration for the 2014-2015 school year is now open. Please go to the registration page for more information.

Substitute Teachers needed

Please contact Joanne Blaze at jblaze@ccsd66.org or 630-783-5155.