district 66 Points of pride

School Report Card

In 2020, Elizabeth Ide Elementary School (PK-2) received an exemplary designation, while Prairieview Elementary (3-5) and Lakeview Jr. High (6-8) received commendable designations on their Illinois School Report Cards based on 2019 data.

District 66 Principal Award

Prairieview Principal, Mark Pagel, was named the 2021 Illinois Elementary School Principal of the Year by the Illinois Principals Association in March of 2022.

National History Day Awards

Lakeview Jr. High School was named the National History Day Illinois School of the Year for 2017. Seventh grade social studies teacher, Jake Little, was named 2018 James F. Harris History Teacher of the Year.

District 66 Teachers

Center Cass School District 66 has a student/teacher ratio of 17:1 and 73% of teachers have a master's degree or higher. District 66 has a 90% teacher retention rate.

NEW FACES at district 66

Katie Johnson

Principal at Elizabeth Ide

- Katie Johnson

Megan Calhoun

Special Education Teacher at Elizabeth Ide

- Megan Calhoun

Andra Oancea

1st Grade Teacher at Elizabeth Ide

- Andra Oancea

Michelle Strohm

Kindergarten Teacher at Elizabeth Ide

- Michelle Strohm

Nicole Homeier

Early Childhood Education Teacher at Elizabeth Ide

- Nicole Homeier

Emi Maren

Social Worker at Elizabeth Ide and Prairieview

- Emi Maren

Brett Foley

Special Education Teacher at Prairieview

- Brett Foley

Tara Herndon

3rd Grade Teacher at Prairieview

- Tara Herndon

Katie Finucane

4th Grade Teacher at Prairieview

- Katie Finucane

Julie Dudasik

5th Grade Teacher at Prairieview

- Julie Dudasik

Kelly Heniff

5th Grade Teacher at Prairieview

- Kelly Heniff

Monika Soltys

EL Teacher at Elizabeth Ide, Prairieview and Lakeview

- Monika Soltys

Maggie Kane

Guidance Counselor at Lakeview

- Maggie Kane

Jordan Tamayo Urgelllo

7th Grade Math Teacher at Lakeview

- Jordan Tamayo Urgello

Margaret Bultman

Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Lakeview

- Margaret Bultman

Kevin Noonan

8th Grade Science Teacher at Lakeview

- Kevin Noonan

Teagan Halik

Special Education Teacher at Prairieview and Lakeview

- Teagan Halik

Kathryn Marks

Social Worker at Lakeview

- Kathryn Marks

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