Referendum Information

In September of 2021, the District began working with a variety of stakeholders across the community, including board members, teachers and administration, parents, and former and current students, to draft a new strategic plan to address our current shortfalls and set the course for the future direction of the school district. The Board of Education approved this plan in March 2022.

To address the District's shortcomings and restore quality education via the stakeholder created Strategic Plan, the Center Cass Board of Education approved a resolution authorizing a public question to be placed on the June 28 primary election ballot, asking voters to approve an amount equal to 0.506% increase above the limiting rate, from 2.14 to 2.65. Voters rejected that measure, with 59.85% of the 3,552 participating residents voting no.

At the August 2022 Board of Education meeting, the Center Cass School District Board of Education approved a resolution authorizing a public question to be placed on the November 8 general election ballot, with a revised ask, asking voters to approve an amount equal to 0.40% increase above the limiting rate, from 2.14 to 2.55. Below are facts and information related to the current referendum ask to the community.

Community Newsletters

The District regularly strives to keep the community informed around what is happening in and around our school buildings. Starting in the winter of 2021, a quarterly newsletter was developed and mailed to all district residents. The newsletters provided information about the District instructional programs, facilities, comparative statistics, events, district's financial position, and referendum needs.

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Community Meetings

The District held four community meetings in the months leading up to the June primary election, focused around three key areas the referendum will help. Each community meeting allowed members of the community to hear presentations from District administration and Board of Education members, and ask questions of school officials, regarding the referendum.

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Community Engagement

As the District focuses on improving community outreach and engagement, the below list of questions was created to answer some of the frequent topics heard by district officials from community members.

In addition to the information below, the District is in the process of forming a Community Engagement Committee, designed to bring together various community members of different backgrounds and experiences to build a foundation of trust and collaboration. This committee will explore and discuss the needs of the school district and provide feedback to Dr. Wise and the Board of Education.

If there are additional questions that cannot be answered from the information contained here, any community member is welcome and encouraged to email Dr. Wise or members of the Board of Education.


Upcoming Events

8/31: Community Engagement Committee Meeting - 6:00 PM
9/7: Timeline Sub-Committee Working Session - 6:00 PM
9/14: Board of Education September Meeting - 7:00 PM
9/21: Community Engagement Committee Meeting - 6:00 PM
10/5: Community Engagement Committee Meeting - 6:00 PM
10/12: Board of Education October Meeting - 7:00 PM
10/18: Special Board Meeting - Community Town Hall - 6:00 PM
11/2: Community Engagement Committee Meeting - 6:00 PM
11/8: General Election Voting Day - Polls Close at 7:00 PM
11/16: Board of Education November Meeting - 7:00 PM
11/30: Board of Education Special Meeting - 6:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Gallery

To help the community, who do not have children attending school or aren't as familiar with the District's facilities, the below photo galleries are designed to give a small glimpse into the challenges the staff and students face on a regular basis. These pictures represent how Center Cass looks to the community today, as the District is operating with fewer custodial staff and has more needs than staff can support. The District does not have enough staff to keep the buildings clean on the inside, let alone keep them up to community standards on the outside.


Building and Grounds

HVAC and Mechanical

Roof and Interiors

Learning and Technology